Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Project

Finished Project

The fabulous people down at Provo Craft sent me some of their new product to try out a couple of weeks ago. It is their brand new released Iron-On Vinyl! It’s a heat transfer film that you can use to quickly and easily personalize so many different things! You can find exactly what I used HERE. Or You can get a deal on their Cricut Expressions and the Iron-On Vinyl, if you don’t already have a Cricut (or two like I do!)HERE. Cricut Iron-On comes with one 12×9 sheet per pack and is available in quite a few different colors. I can see the possibilities of me decorating random things around my house, like Pillows, blankets, and other random things…

T-Shirts & DyeProvo Craft also sent me T-shirts for the project. I was asked to create something wearable. White to me, just seems so plain and boring sometimes, so Bailey & I decided to pick a color and dye it!

Rolled up ShirtsWe rolled the Shirts up like Snakes, and tied them up with Rubber bands, to start that process!

Soaking in the Dye!

Then We put them in the Purple Dye! We were disaster free in that process, which was nice! We let it soak for about an hour in the dye stirring it every few minutes or so. We did it while we were making dinner and cleaning the kitchen and doing homework, so it wasn’t a big hassle to stir it. Then we rinsed it in cold water with gloves! Then washed it in the washer and dried it, and they turned out amazing!!

Vinyl ColorsI was sent 3 colors of Vinyl. Glitter Gold, Blue and Gray. At first, I had ideas for the blue and Gray. Then we decided on something with the Gold!

Designing in CCR

Design your image in Cricut Craft Room. We chose the owl that is one of the new cartridges, Boho & Brooklyn. Most of the time I just search for a specific type of image. That program is SOO fun! The only thing different about using Vinyl Iron-On, is remember to use the Flip Image option in “CCR” otherwise your image will iron on Backwards. When using an iron on, you do it upside down. Some images like just a plain shape won’t matter, but certain images might matter. Like if you’re doing a name. So just make sure you check that option! It’s just at the top of Cricut Craft Room!

Then put your Vinyl on your cutting mat, SHINY side down. On the vinyl there is a REALLY shiny side, and a less shiny side. On the glitter you can really tell, but on others it can be a little harder to tell, but you should still be able to tell. Then cut out your design on your cricut machine. Make sure your blade depth is on a 3. Pressure Varies on most machines. Make sure your speed is on Medium.

All Cut Out

Remove the Extra Vinyl from Cut out areas to look like the above image. Use the wedding tool, from the Cricut Tool Kit. That’s one of my favorite tools, when I’m crafting! Not just with the Cricut! I then lifted the image with the liner off the cutting mat and cut out extra liner, so it wouldn’t be a lot of extra space on my shirt as I was ironing.

Pre-Heat the Iron to the Cotton/Linen Setting. Usually that is the highest temperature setting. NO STEAM!

Lay your item on the ironing board and pre-heat the material with the Iron for about 10-15 seconds, then put the vinyl on in the position you’d like it go. Make sure you place it with the Liner side UP. Put like a dishcloth on top of the liner. It will protect your material from the heat. Apply medium pressure for about 30 seconds.

Then Flip the material over and do the same thing.

Let cool, remove the lining!

Owl Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Project

Then You’re left with one cool shirt, that started out with just a plain white T-Shirt!
If you have ANY questions, leave me a message, and I’ll help you out!

24 thoughts on “Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Project

    1. There is a program that you can buy that lets you conecnt the computer to the Cricut. I will tell you that by doing this it will void any warranty on the Cricut Cutter, but I bought my cutter with the sole purpose of cutting my own designs, not just from the cartridge. The program is called Sure Cuts A lots.

  1. I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog hop last week and let you know of this weeks WW, hope you can join us at Oh My Heartsie WW” w/Linky Looks like a great project, I have not tye dyed forever, never seems to go out of style!
    Have a great week! Karren

  2. I just did a baby outfit with the iron-on vinyl. My question is– is there a special way to wash the outfit. Do you need to use cold water, or can it be warm water?

    1. Hi Phyllis. I don’t have possibly the right answer for you, but what I do is, I use the handwash/delicate setting on my washer. Sometimes I have to Re-Iron some of the pieces on it. Just around the edges. For the most part, its usually okay. Sorry it took me a while to respond!! :)

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